Sunday, December 02, 2012

DIY Bird's Nest Pendant

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them.
     Rose Kennedy

    I present here my bird nest pendents! A co-worker of mine was wearing one that she had made, and I loved it right away! It's nature-themed and I can make it myself, what's not to love? I was surprised that I hadn't come across this idea before since I'm an avid Do-It-Yourselfer, not to mention I have Pinterest bookmarked. 
    I just love birds too, although I would never own one. I think it's terribly cruel to keep them caged. Birds were meant to fly! When I'm out walking with my dog I will crumple a leaf in my hand, and the birds think it's  food, or at least they must, since they never cease to come and land on my hand. I love it! 
    Better yet, these pendants are incredibly easy to make, and require only a few materials. All you need is: wire, beads (oval or round, any colour), a bail, and scissors, that's all! The size of your beads with determine the size of the pendent, I made ones for both a long chain and a princess-length chain. I picked a pearly white bead for more of an elegant look, and for a more rustic look I picked beads that were almost grainy, and cream coloured. Hope you had a great weekend! 

xo, The Rag Trade

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