Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Field Half Green

So, do I look any different? Perhaps older? I turned the big 2-5 the other day.
I don't feel any significant change; I thought I might since 25 seems to be the next
stage or something, but it's just the same old to me. I had a wonderful birthday
though. I had a delicious celebratory dinner with friends and then my actual
birthday I had off and got to spend the day with Paul. I always look forward to
my sister's gifts too, she just knows me so well! Whatever she gets me I do so love
and it would be something I'd pick out myself. Ah, sisters. It was a great birthday!
I redeemed my points on Chictopia for this top. I'm always happily satisfied with
the things I get, especially considering it's for free! The top looked more yellow in
the pictures, but ended up being more of a green, which I prefer anyways. I find it a tad
difficult to find forest or deeper greens when thrifting. Is this not a liked colour? Or is it
so liked people don't end up donating those cherished pieces? Who knows! I just know
that when I thrift green is not a popular colour. It's a shame for I loves me some green! 
And these boots you will not see for some time. While taking these pictures the
zipper broke and I had to makeshift fix them with the laces for the walk home.
It was some awkward walking and it was a little airy down there. It's only about
$35 to get the zipper fixed - totally worth it for these super-duper warm leather
boots. They're my absolute favourite too and I'm not letting them go sans a fight!
Aldo // Beanie 
Thrifted // Cardigan
Thrifted // Green  Pendant 
Souvenir from Mexico // Swirly Pendant
Cecico via Chictopia // Striped Top 
Thrifted // Skirt
Vintage // Leather Boots


  1. Oooh, what a cute striped top! I love the subtle color mix of the yellow and navy with the beanie. You look so adorable as always!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Haha be grateful for 25! Such a fun year, and no you do not look older. : )

    Allie of ALLIE NCE

  3. 25, gasp! Well, happy belated birthday to you! 25 isn't old. You don't have to worry about being old yet, hehehe. :)

    I adore that beanie and you look so cute in that pale lime green. ALSO SNOW! Snow is a rarity where I live, so I admire snow. Hello snow.

  4. Happy Birthday! I don't know... 25 was a great year for me. Not like, magically I was older. I think it was just when I started making decisions to do some of the things I'd always wanted to. Hope that will (or is already!) what is happening in your life.

    Love the way this shirt/tunic drapes by the way.

  5. What a lovely top..Amazing!! And belated happy birthday hun <3

  6. lovely blog :)

  7. You look beautiful! Must be the new age! These hats look so cute on you and happy belated birthday!

  8. Happy belated birthday, dear! 25 is a great age. Enjoy it! <3 Also, I have the same issue with green whilst thrifting! I'm always, always looking for specific green colours, and it does prove to be a challenge (I can't tell you how many different shade names I've searched on etsy). Anyway, you look adorable AND cozy :)

    Jenny Lee

  9. ah british columbia! I was wondering where its snowing. i heard it came down on toronto too. kinda grateful i escaped to UK and it's holding back! Love the hat and the colours!
    p.s.happy birthday!
    twitter&instagram: emilysdiary

  10. hey 25 year old samantha, you and paul must be the same horoscope then? hello pretty green striped blouse with navy beret hat. wonderful pairing indeed.


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